Thursday, December 29, 2011

Buster the Wonder Dog

Christmas was lovely but busy. I am excited to share that I reached the 700 sales mark today with my ebooks. And I am trying to decide what sorts of things to talk about here.

A friend reminded me that I talk about my dogs all the time, so I think that is a given.

Buster the Wonder Dog is ready for training classes to begin again. He is most in need of something to do. He is a very busy little dog. I can hear him in the other room right now, getting into mischief.
Yes, he had climbed up on his trick chair (a baby-sized folding camp chair we use for tricks performances) to reach the top of a table where he knocked over a framed photo and a clock in order to reach a CD case. He thinks they are dog toys.

Surely it's nearly bedtime for Buster! His antics and his story inspired me to write Loving the Sensitive Dog which is available for Kindle and Nook. (Linda White is the name I use for my dog books.) Yes, I think my friend is right. I'll certainly be writing about dogs!

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