Saturday, December 10, 2011

At last! I have a blog. Did you turn blue holding your breath?

What would you do if a hundred people told you that the best way to reach your readers and friends was to establish your own blog? If you're smart, you start one right away. If you're me, you wait seven months. But here I am at last!

While I was building up my nerve, I did guest blogs. In fact, I'm doing one on Sunday, December 11 2011 at so drop by and say hi!

Let's have fun! Those who know me can tell you two things right away. I talk a lot. A lot. And I laugh a lot. Almost as much as I talk. Now that I have finally taken the blog plunge, and my fingers will be doing the talking through the keyboard, I hope you will never be bored.

I want to blog about my dogs, my books, and my favorite authors. I want to invite some of them to talk to you as well.

I write romance, mysteries, adventure, and soft science fiction. Some is published, some is not.

I am an indie publisher, sharing my stories with the world on Amazon and B&N, so far.

If you want to see what a great blog looks like, have patience. I'm still learning. But like the first seven months of this indie journey, the learning has been one of the greatest rewards.

I welcome questions, and I'll probably ask a ton of them myself. For now, I'll just say, happy holidays! See you soon.

(While I was writing this, Buster the papillon has succeeded in climbing onto the kitchen bar four times. I finally figured out how he was doing it and changed the landscape. Let's see how long it takes him to find a new route!)