Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Next Big Thing

I've been invited by Susan Winters to participate in The Next Big Thing and share some information about my work in progress. 

What is the working title of your book?

The Wedding Hazard!

Where did the idea come from? What genre is your book?

I love writing marriage of convenience stories. The fantasy of finding true love through a contrived marriage has always appealed to me. Last fall, I published my first effort in this area of romance, which I enjoyed reading but never knew I could write. My other novels are romantic suspense, sweet romance mixed with cozy mystery, and cozy mystery based on two of my romance characters. So was I ever surprised when a dear friend challenged me to write a marriage of convenience! I loved it!!! That was The Wedding Wager, the cover of which you see all over my blog. :-)  In writing that novel, I invented a cute little Colorado town and named it Eagle's Toe. And I began thinking about other marriage of convenience stories and how the couple could end up in my little town. Next thing you know, I was writing The Wedding Hazard.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Ashley turns to Thor Security for help when her mother goes missing, finds the perfect bodyguard, the love of her life, and learns that every family has a little craziness in it, and if you're lucky, a whole lot of love to balance it out.

That's a very long sentence, but it's the best I can do at midnight! 

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I am a proud indie publisher. My books go through a stringent editing, proofreading, and formatting process to make them as perfect as possible. 

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Four months. From conception to publication, probably five and a half months. The last six weeks are editing, proofing, and formatting.

 For a look at all my available titles, check out my website:  http://www.reginaduke.com

Look for The Wedding Hazard on Amazon in mid-February! 

For information about indie publishing, check out The Business Rusch (in the sidebar). 

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bucking the Trends

"Trendy" has never been a word people used to describe me. Little did I know, that fact would change my life. Two years ago I embarked on a journey called "indie publishing." It sounds like everyone is doing it today, but two years ago, it felt like bucking a trend: the old fashioned trend of waiting for some stranger in New York to give your work a chance.

Now, two years later, the new year has come in with a bang, or at least with a cold front. I've been busy writing the next novel, so I've been dismal about posting to my blog or updating my websites. As cold as it is outside (9 degrees in my neighborhood, with an expected high of 32), this is a great week to post something new. I certainly won't be gardening!

One of the activities I'm catching up on during the cold front is reading other blogs. I notice that there are a number of them talking about various trends in publishing and whether we, as authors, should pay attention to them. (Check out Jannine Gallant, and her article at Roses of Prose.)

In the old days (before indie publishing), the answer was a resounding yes. If you wanted to stand a chance of slipping through that keyhole in the gate of traditional publishing, you had to rush to revamp whatever you were working on to reflect the best seller of the moment. Ironically, all the editors and agents and so-called advice givers were telling you to ignore the trends, because they wanted to see something fresh. Then here comes the rejection slip. "Love your voice, love your plot. Not trendy enough." Or perhaps, "Can't sell Regencies set outside the UK." Or "Your romance element isn't strong enough. Tone down the mystery!" (Of course, mystery publishers would say, "Too much romance! Get rid of it!")

Now, however, writers have more options. We have the opportunity to test out our theories about the reading public. We can put our work out there without the blessing of traditional publishers. We can take our chances. We can see if something works by testing it in the marketplace.

Do I think everyone should go indie? No. It's a lot of hard work from Day One. The learning curve is huge. If you can't learn to format your own books, you must be ready to pay someone for that valuable service. Same goes for covers. It was a difficult moment when I realized that my childhood fantasy of being a visual artist was just that. A fantasy. My medium is words. If I wanted my covers to look great, I had to swallow that bitter pill of self knowledge and hire someone else to do it. And returns on your investment may take a while.

Do I think the effort and outlay is worth it? Oh, yes. For the right person, going indie is the perfect solution. For someone like me, whose books never clearly fit anyone's specific publishing guidelines, going indie has been a dream come true.

Trends? How about control over your output and your publishing schedule? Trending now! How about setting the prices for you own books? Trending now! And you can't beat the joy of knowing your books are "in print" until you decide to take them off the market. These are the trends I pay attention to.

So let's set a new trend for 2013. Let's set the trend of following your dreams and testing what you're made of. If not now, when?

Happy New Year, everyone!

Regina Duke


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