Thursday, September 5, 2013

Where in the World is Eagle's Toe?

The Wedding Hazard is set in Eagle's Toe, Colorado, but you won't find it on a map! Eagle's Toe is a little town with a big population of billionaires. It's the perfect fictional setting for my series, Colorado Billionaires. Located somewhere between Gunnison and Pueblo, many visitors fly into the Pueblo Memorial Airport and take a limo or the family Rolls-Royce for the thirty-minute drive to Eagle's Toe. Of course, your travel time may vary depending on whether or not you have a lead foot!

 Creating my own little town has been both fun and challenging. I just realized while writing the newest addition to my series (The Wedding Venture, coming in September) that I didn't really have street names! When I drive, I find places by locational memory. Turn at the grocery store, take a left at the third intersection, and so on. And my characters have been doing the same. But sometimes you just need a street name. So I will be working on a map of Eagle's Toe before the next book.

Besides, I've created a clothing store (Mina's Boutique), a bakery (The Muffin Man), a security business (Thor Security, featured in The Wedding Hazard), and a large hotel and restaurant (The Cattlemen's Inn featuring Il Vaccaro, an Italian restaurant that also offers American home cooking). Also mentioned in passing are a local garage, a veterinarian, a hospital, a burger stand, and a truck stop cafe, all fictional, and all frequented by the residents of Eagle's Toe. It's definitely time to draw a map!

The maps I've drawn so far are pen-and-ink reminders of where shops and businesses are located. One of my billionaire families lives outside of town on the Rocking Eagle Ranch (The Wedding Wager). Generally speaking, the richer residents have estates on the west side of town, either inside or outside the city limits. The more books I write, the more urgent it becomes to keep track of everyone. So some amateur and fictional cartography will play a role in my future.

But you won't see me pinpoint Eagle's Toe with latitude and longitude. When it comes to romance, sometimes it's nice to have a hide-a-way, a place people can talk about but no one can really find...except me and my readers, in our imaginations.

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